Product Overview

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AQUAVAC® Strep SaVaccine for the active immunization of susceptible fish species to reduce mortality and disease due to Streptococcosis caused by Streptococcus agalactiae
Asian sea bassLates calcarifer
AustraliaCommitted to the development and production of high quality aquatic vaccines for cold and warm water species in Australia.
Channel CatfishIctalurus punctatus.
Green GrouperEpinephelus coioides
Red Sea BreamPagrus Major
ShrimpPenaeus monodon and Panaeus vannamei
SingaporeWas built from scratch and started to operate in January 2000. The centre's main goal is to perform R&D to produce high quality Aquatic Animal Health products and application strategies for the Asia-Pacific region.
TilapiaOreochromis Sp.
Tra Catfish and Basa CatfishPangasius hypopthalmus and Pangasius bocour
United StatesIn the year 1999 a decision was made to enter the Aquatic Animal Health market in the USA following the lead of Intervet International. The first product licensed was CHORULON® (hCG). The second product licensed was a live attenuated vaccine for the prevention of Enteric Septicemia of Catfish (ESC) caused by Edwardsiella ictaluri.