CHORULON® for fish

Chorulon is a purified, sterile and highly effective preparation of chorionic gonadotrophin, which has been routinely used for nearly two decades to induce and synchronize the ovulation and spawning of various cultured fish species.

Chorulon provides the fish farmer with a tool to eliminate losses due to partial ovulation and spawning, as well as to enhance egg quality, milt production, sperm volume and motility, and resulting fertilization rates. In comparison with the traditionally used crude fish pituitaries, Chorulon® has several further significant advantages which have become increasingly important in today's modern and intensive fish farming industry:

Chorulon is the only hormonal spawning aid approved by the FDA in the USA for use in finfish (NADA no. 140-927). It is a freeze-dried preparation of human chorionic gonadotrophin (hCG) for administration after reconstitution in the accompanying sterile diluent. It has luteinizing hormone (GtH-II)-like activity with little or no follicle stimulating hormone (GtH-I) or oestrogenic activity.

After reconstitution, Chorulon® is administered via intramuscular injection just ventral to the dorsal fin for one to three injections. Any single injection should be administered, depending on the fish species, at a dose of 110 to 1120 I.U./kg body weight (bw) for males and 150 to 4000 I.U./kg bw for females.


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