AQUAVAC® Vibrio Oral


Diseases Treated

AQUAVAC® Vibrio Oral

Inactivated, oral vaccine for the prevention of vibriosis caused byVibrio anguilarum 01 and 02a (Vibrio ordalii) in rainbow trout (Oncorhynkus mykiss) and European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax).

Key Features

  • The only licensed oral vaccine against vibriosis

  • Contains unique Antigen Protection Vehicle (APV) which protects the antigens through the stomach and delivers them intact to the hindgut where an immune response is initiated

  • Highly palatable

  • Excellent safety profile

  • Unique oral formulation is ideal for booster dosing or convenient vaccination of larger fish

  • Can be incorporated onto feed at a feed mill or on a farm

Key Benefits

  • Allows for vaccination of fish in situ to eliminate handling and related stress

  • Prolongs immunity throughout the production cycle

  • Prevents disease and losses in high value fish

  • Provides flexibility for farm and batch specific vaccination program

  • Maximum flexibility in planning vaccination campaigns by availability of choice between incorporation at the feed mill or on the farm

  • Reliable Antigen Protection Vehicle protects vaccine antigen through the stomach and presents antigen to the hindgut for optimum immune response

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