Inactivated, vaccine against Enteric Redmouth Disease (ERM) caused by Yersinia ruckeri biotype 1 and biotype 2 (Hagerman type 1 and EX5 biogroup) in rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss).

Key Features

  • Protection for small fry: AQUAVAC RELERAcan be administered by immersion vaccination to trout fry from 5g.

  • Contains strains of the EX5 biogroup (biotype 2) as well as Hagerman type 1 (biotype 1), thereby providing protection against the emerging disease as well as classical ERM.

  • Part of disease control program for the most common disease in farmed trout.

  • Registered for use as a booster injection vaccine in trout as small as 12g.

  • Excellent safety profile.

  • Available in all rainbow trout producing countries in Europe.

Key Benefits

  • Increased survival in fry and juvenile rainbow trout.

  • Increased protection against biotype 2 strains of Yersinia ruckeri which have been shown to be an increasing problem throughout Europe.

  • Safe and easy to use in fry of 5g.

  • Forms part of a Total Protection Strategy against Enteric Redmouth Disease.

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