AQUAVAC® Vibrio Pasteurella


Diseases Treated

AQUAVAC® Vibrio Pasteurella

Inactivated, injection administered vaccine for the prevention of vibriosis and pasteurellosis in European sea bass (Dicentrarchus labrax).

Key Features

  • Contains inactivated cultures of (Listonella) Vibrio anguillarum (biotype I and II) and Photobacterium damsela (subsp piscicida) carefully selected for their strong immune response and broad-spectrum protection

  • Demonstrated protection against significant Vibrio anguillarum biotype I and biotype II and Photobacterium damsela isolates causing problems for sea bass farming in the Mediterranean region

  • Established bivalent vaccine used by farmers needing to protect against both pasteuerellosis and vibriosis in a single vaccination

Key Benefits

  • Increased survival in juvenile sea bass

  • Reduces incidence and severity of both vibriosis and pasteurellosis

  • Injection vaccine for the control of severe endemic disease

  • Forms part of the Total Protection Strategy against both vibriosis and pasteurellosis

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