AQUAVAC® Ergosan™

AQUAVAC® Ergosan™ is an algine based complimentary feedstuff for fish and crustaceans. It is a completely natural feed ingredient made from extracts of Laminaria digitata and Ascophyllum nodosum.

Key Features

  • AQUAVAC® Ergosan™ is made from a seaweed-based meal blended with specific algine compounds. The active ingredients include special algines and polysaccharides known to strengthen the full range of natural defense systems in fish

  • AQUAVAC® Ergosan™ be incorporated into any quality diet to optimise the nutritional status of fish

  • Incorporation onto feed can be either through top-coating at the farm site or mixed in pre-extrusion at a feed mill

  • AQUAVAC® Ergosan™ can be fed to fish either as a targeted or continuous regime

  • AQUAVAC® Ergosan™ is also intended for use in conjunction with various vaccines from the AQUAVAC range

  • It has been demonstrated that AQUAVAC® Ergosan™ feed is still effective when fed within 42 days of manufacture

Key Benefits

  • AQUAVAC® Ergosan™ prepares the fish's immune system to optimise vaccine response. The response of fish to vaccination will vary according to its health and previous exposure to the disease as well as the specific characteristics of the vaccine

  • Studies have been conducted on fish being fed AQUAVAC® Ergosan™ in their normal diet and these have demonstrated;

    • Reduced susceptibility to temperature stress (Carnevali et al. 2006)

    • Increased production of heat shock proteins at times of high stress (Carnevali et al. 2006)

    • More rapid recovery from stress reactions (Carnevali et al. 2006)

    • Lysozyme and complement have been demostrated to be elevated in fish feeding on diets containing AQUAVAC® Ergosan™ (Bagni et al. 2004)

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