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An aid in the prevention of columnaris disease in catfish due to F. columnare infection.


  • High level of protection —Significantly
    protects catfish fry vaccinated 7 days post-hatch
    and older against F. columnare challenge1

  • Safe —Use with confidence in early-life stage
    fry for early protection

  • Easy to use —Compatible with modern
    hatchery-management practices; may be added
    to transport tanks before stocking fry

  • Measurable results —Trials show fish
    vaccinated with AQUAVAC-COL have a 72% better
    survivability rate than non-vaccinates following
    columnaris challenge2

  • Exclusive protection —First and only
    modified-live vaccine licensed by USDA against
    columnaris disease in catfish.

1 Data on file, Intervet/Schering-Plough Animal Health
2 USDA/ARS Aquatic Animal Health Research Laboratory, Auburn, AL

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