• Description: 2.0% florfenicol liquid for inclusion into fish feed

  • Active Ingredient: Florfenicol

  • Formulation: 20mg florfenicol per mL

  • Pharmacologic Properties: Florfenicol is a broad spectrum antibiotic which is active against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria. Florfenicol is both a bacteriostatic and a bactericidal antibiotic. Its activity is due to the inhibition of protein synthesis and results from the binding of bacterial ribosomes in such a way as to prevent ongoing translation of mRNA into protein. Aeromonas salmonicida has been shown to be sensitive to florfenicol concentrations of 1.6 mcg/mL or less and Edwardsiella ictaluri has an MIC of <=0.25 mcg/mL.

  • Target Species: Perciformes (yellowtail, amberjack, sea bream, sea bass, tilapia, horse mackerel, etc), eel and ayu

  • Key Benefits:

    • Broad spectrum with strong antibacterial activity

    • Effective even against resistant strains for penicillin, oxolinic acid, oxytetracycline

    • Sufficient oral absorption and distribution

    • Short withdrawal period

    • Stable in feed

  • Dosage and Administration: 10mg/kg body weight a day for 5 consecutive days

  • Withdrawal time: Do not harvest the fish listed below before the time indicated:

    • Perciformes (yellowtail, amberjack, sea bream, sea bass, tilapia, horse mackerel, etc) : 5 days after last medication

    • Eel : 7 days after last medication

    • Ayu : 14 days after last medication

  • Label Indications: Reduction of mortality caused by the following diseases:
    • Pseudotuberculosis and lactococcosis in perciformes

    • Edwardsiellosis in eel

    • Vibriosis in ayu

  • Product Presentation: 5L Polyethylene container

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