NORVAX® PLV 3-way Oil


NORVAX® PLV 3-way Oil

  • Description: Inactivated oil adjuvant vaccine for injection

  • Antigen:Lactococcus garviae, Photobacterium damsela sp. piscicida and Vibrio anguillarum

  • Formulation: Vaccine liquid in 250mL bottle

  • Target Species: Yellowtail and amberjack

  • Key Benefits:

    • Can protect fish from lactococcosis, pseudotuberculosis and vibriosis

    • Oil adjuvant vaccine which shows long protection from disease

  • Dosage and Administration:

    • For yellowtail: Inject 0.1mL per fish weighing 30-100g.

    • For amberjack: Inject 0.1mL per fish weighing 30-200g.

    • Withdrawal time: Do not harvest fish until at least 343 days after the vaccination

  • Label Indications: Prevention of lactococcosis caused by lactococcus garviae,pseudotuberculosis caused by photobacterium damsela sp. piscicida and vibriosis caused by vibrio anguillarum

  • Product Presentation: 250mL bottle