New Global Aquatic Veterinary Association Formed

18 July 2007

The first Annual General Meeting of the newly formed Aquatic Veterinary Association (AqVA) will be held on July 18, 2007 in Washington DC, USA, in conjunction with the144th AVMA ANNUAL CONVENTION. Online Registration for the AVMA Convention (with several full days of Continuing Aquatic Veterinary Education) is now open:

The mission of the Aquatic Veterinary Association is:

"To serve the discipline of aquatic veterinary medicine in enhancing aquatic animal health and welfare, public health, and seafood safety in support of the veterinary profession, aquatic animal industries and other stakeholders".

The purpose of the Aquatic Veterinary Association is:

  1. To serve aquatic veterinary medicine practitioners of many disciplines and backgrounds by developing programs to support and sustain members and the aquatic species industries that they serve.

  2. To identify, foster and strengthen professional and political interactions among aquatic medicine practitioners and other organizations around the world.

  3. To advocate for, develop guidance on, and promote the advancement of the science, ethics and professional aspects of aquatic animal medicine within the veterinary profession and a wider audience.

  4. To optimally position and advance the discipline of aquatic veterinary medicine, and support the practice of aquatic veterinary medicine in all countries.