Symposium at World Aquaculture 2009 offers integrated solutions for managing rising Streptococcus infections in warmwater fish

2 November 2009
Boxmeer, The Netherlands


Proceedings from a recent symposium that offered integrated health solutions for managing rising streptococcus infections in warmwater fish are now available from Merck Animal Health. Click the image above to download the PDF.

Rapid growth and intensified production in the aquaculture industry are presenting producers with streptococcal disease challenges that threaten their stock with significant morbidity and mortality. Some Streptococcus strains in aquaculture are familiar pathogens, while others are emerging, relatively new strains.

The challenge for producers is finding safe and effective Streptococcus control measures that also meet the growing demand for farmed fish without compromising food safety or the environment.

At the symposium Managing Streptococcus in Warmwater Fish, held in conjunction with the 2009World Aquaculture Society conference in Veracruz, Mexico, fish health experts discussed the Streptococcus species and strains that affect cultivated warmwater fish, important aspects of diagnosis, prevention and treatment, and integrated health management strategies.

Merck Animal Health, the world’s leading producer of health products for aquaculture, is proud to have sponsored this educational event for the industry and thanks the speakers for their involvement.

This proceedings booklet contains papers authored by presenters and should serve as a valuable reference for many years to come. For more information, please contact your Merck Animal Health representative or visit us at

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