Overview - Intervet Chile Ltda. - División Acuícola

The office of Intervet Chile Ltda. - División Acuícola in Puerto Montt
The office of Intervet Chile Ltda. - División Acuícola in Puerto Montt

Intervet products have been sold in Chile for many years in the animal health sector. Although involved for several years beforehand, Intervet officially entered the Chilean aquatic animal health market in 2000, recognizing that Chile is "the Norway of the South" in regard to salmon farming, an area of great importance and growth in recent times.

Intervet has now established a specialized aquatic animal health commercial and technical support office in the capital of Chilean aquaculture, Puerto Montt. Responsible for the aquatic animal health interests of Intervet in Chile are two veterinarians, Dr. Oscar Parra and Dr. Sergio Vásquez.

At present, Intervet has Compact®-IPN available for the Chilean salmon industry. This is a state-of-the-art recombinant vaccine for the control of Infectious Pancreatic Necrosis Virus IPNV). The product has demonstrated its efficacy at farm level in the last two years in Chile. In addition, this antigen is a key component of Intervet's top selling 6-component salmon vaccines in Norway, accounting for 54% of all vaccine doses sold. In 2002, Intervet had 64% of the Norwegian salmon and trout vaccine market.

The research and development teams of Intervet in both Norway and The Netherlands, in conjunction with our technical and marketing managers in Chile, are committed to the development of new vaccines for control of the main diseases affecting cultured salmonid species in Chile. Safer and high quality vaccines and pharmaceuticals will be brought to the Chilean market by Intervet over the next few years, and will be backed up by top class pre- and post sales service.

The aquatic animal health commercial office of Intervet Chile Ltda. - División Acuícola in Puerto Montt is located on Benavente 405, oficina 408. Tel. (56) (65) 274006.

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