Overview - Australia

Committed to support of the Australian aquaculture industry with locally manufactured vaccines.

Merck has a long history in Australia supplying vaccines and pharmaceuticals to various livestock and companion animal industries. The history with Australian aquaculture industries is somewhat shorter, having entered the aqua vaccine market in 2005.

Headquarters in Australia are situated in Bendigo, Victoria where all vaccines are manufactured in a modern GMP & AQIS approved production facility. With the increasing manufacturing and registration standards required for vaccine production for aquatic species, Merck was well placed to take on responsibility for manufacture of several inactivated bacterial vaccines for farmed salmonid and barramundi species. These include registered products as well as vaccines and now antibiotics available under APVMA permit. Bath and injectable vaccine products are available to control several production limiting bacterial diseases in salmon including yersiniosis (Yersinia ruckeri), vibriosis (Vibrio anguillarum), marine Aeromonad disease (atypical Aeromonas salmonicida biovar Acheron) and streptococcosis (Streptococcus iniae) in farmed barramundi.

The success of Merck’s Australian Aqua business relies on people and their expertise across a number of local departments as well as crucially, drawing on the international expertise in aquatic animal health within this multinational company. We liase closely with other Merck AAH sites around the world including Bergen, Norway and Singapore, to capitalize on the most recent aquatic health R&D developments.

MerckAustralia is a relatively new partner to the Australian finfish aquaculture industries and is committed to using both local and international resources to support established and growing industries in these region with good quality, safe and efficacious vaccines and pharmaceuticals.

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